Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ellie's Polkadot Quilt

Ellie, who is turning three this July, informed me that she needed a big girl quilt.  She has a lovely quilt, which looks like this:




It's a simple friendship star alternated with plain blocks.  It has little fussy cut babies in the centers of the stars.  She calls it her babies quilt and she can't stand to sleep without it.

Lately though, she's been telling people she is 6 years old.  I guess she thinks she is the same as her big sister.

Obviously though...she is not six...

But she happily chose a bundle of fat quarters from Jessica's shop Remnants in Austin.  And a Rose Card Pattern to match.  And now...she has a new big girl quilt.  She still sleeps with her babies quilt too, but she is quite proud of her big girl quilt.  Even though only one of the fabrics is dotted, she calls it "the polkadot quilt"

My new favorite solid is by Connecting Threads.  It's their Mirage blender in Silver Lining.  But I like to use the back side of that particular fabric.  It has a lovely suiting or linen looking weave to it and looks great in every project I use it in :)

The back has a hand embroidered dish towel pieced into it.  It's super sweet with two little kitties under the moonlight.

I screen printed the tag for this one and added some of the fabric from the front and a bit of rick rack to finish it off.

Here is the full back.

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