Friday, May 25, 2012

Camden's "Lean Like a Cholo" Quilt

Camden, my oldest boy, is not a quilt lover.  He loves fabric, patterns, building things, and playing with my design wall.  When it comes to favorite blankets though, he always picks cheap fleece softies instead of the quilts I make him.  For example, the first quilt I made him was an eye spy quilt.  He would pretend to like it then hide it in his closet after I left from putting him to bed.  I'd find it balled up in a corner the next morning.  Finally, he admitted it scared him with the Halloween Monster Eyes square on it.  So, he went back to fleece again.  Then, I decided, since he didn't like sleeping with quilts, I'd make him a playmat quilt.  So, I quilted him a little train tracks panel for him to ride his trains on.  It too got ignored, he preferred building with tracks.  Next, we had an ugly fabric challenge at the Austin Modern Quilt Guild and I made a little sock monkey doll quilt.  Camden desperately wanted it and claimed it as his own.  He changed his mind and gave it back to me a few months later.   I was ready to throw in the towel on making quilts for him.  He just never seemed happy with them.  But, on a trip to Remnants, he found a new favorite fabric and picked out a bundle begging me to make it into a quilt for him.....and I can't tell him no, so.....


The eye spy quilt:


The train tracks:

I don't have a picture of the whole quilt, but you get the idea I'm sure. 

The monkey quilt:

Just a quick iphone snap of this one :)

And finally, the quilt he designed himself....

                                  You can see the backing in this picture.  It's a cotton bed cover from Urban Outfitters

Lots of latin flavor like the hearts and crosses.  The fabrics are Folklorico from Alexander Henry with some
tribals from Africa and other prints from my stash thrown in.  The bundle is from Remnants Fiber Culture here in Austin.

The fabric in the upper left with the woven Aztec feel to it is the one that started him falling in love with this bundle.

I'm happy to report that he is sleeping under this quilt every night.  In a strange turn of events, his love of this quilt made him take a second look at that eye spy quilt and decide it was pretty cool too.  Now he plays eye spy before bed with me every night using that quilt and sleeps under a stack of blankets.  He sleeps with a favorite fleece blanket, his eye spy quilt and his new quilt each and every night :)


Brenda said...

Laura, I'm Brenda from Jalaru and you won my bag. Please email me with your information. For some reason I couldn't find your email address. So I hope you get this. Thanks so much.

Melissa said...

What a great story! He just needed to find the exact right one for him :)

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