Friday, June 22, 2012

So, while I was at my quilting retreat.....

My 6 year old sent me an email.  She's recently learned to email and basically sends messages to her Nana and I only.  When I read her email, she specifically asked if I was making her anything on my retreat.  I told her the truth, I brought a couple of different quilts to work on.  None were specifically meant for her, but, if one appealed to her when I returned, she could have it.

I knew that meant I was going to lose my sparkly quilt.  You see, my friend Heather bought a Lost and Found by Riley Blake quilt kit and made a quilt from it.  I saw the quilt at her house and it just stuck in my head.  The sparkles were subtle and pretty and I wanted one for me.  So I ordered the sparkly fat quarters and a charm pack of the non sparkly fabrics.  I brought it with me to make myself a quilt on the retreat.  My 6 year old girlie girl loves sparkles so it was no longer my quilt.....simple as that ;)

Can you tell by the blue eye shadow she put on to go out for ice cream that she's kinda into girl stuff???

I used the Granny Squares Tutorial and it was well written and easy to follow.



She wanted the back to be "as purple as possible" so that it would be reversible, like two quilts in one.


That's most of the purple from my stash, I need to restock ;)

She fretted about the binding for a bit, but Jessica  saved the day by finding some pink sparkly fabric for her to use and made her day.  We added some purple as the pink was a small remnant.
Gabi is thrilled with the quilt and sleeps under it every night :)

I'm not too heartbroken though, I made a quilt for me on the retreat too:






Made from a bundle of LouLouThi fabric by Anna Maria Horner that I purchased from Jessica.  I backed it with a vintage sari from the thrift store.  It's just the right size to take on my trip so I have a safe place to lay Ty or keep us warm on the plane :)

xoxo, Laura

I'll leave you with a picture of my neurotic dog, because she's cute, that's why ;)

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