Sunday, June 17, 2012

All The Way From Malaysia and Other News

Some more prizes from Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day arrived.  They came all the way from Malaysia, courtesy of  Whimsy Loft

                                            I won an adorable snap pouch :)
                                            Made from the cutest little animal fabric
                                            And lined in the sweetest flowers

                                           There was some really cool fabric tape in the package
                                            And some adorable stickers, which the kids stole right away
                                          My son was making the same face as his sticker
                                            My two year old put her favorite sticker on her head
                                            And, even their daddy got in on the action ;)

We're having a great Father's Day weekend so far.  We've been to the pool:

                                           and had a blast :)

And Gabi and I went to Remnants Fiber Culture here in Austin for a Post Quilt Market Soiree, which was so fab :)

                          The lovely Jessica Sloan, owner of Remnants raffling prizes from Market
                         Jessica is one of the sweetest people I know and truly a good friend of mine :)
             Future fabric lover who was treated to a fat quarter by a new friend we met at the party
               My most wanted prize was a Liberty tote, I'm turning into a Liberty groupie lately.  So happy
               to have won one :)
                                                Gabi and I making Silly Faces :)

The kids made some adorable framed cards for their Daddy, can't wait till he wakes up and opens them :)

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