Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Because the Damn Zombies Aren't Going to Kill Themselves.....

Today was a Target day.  Not shooting Target at first....retail Target.  Kevin went to the grocery store this weekend.  And, he went again yesterday.  You'd think we'd be good on everything grocery stores have to offer right???  Ummmm, no.  Not so much....  So today, I went to Target to get supplies for the many small people who dwell here.  Whenever we go to Target, I let the kids who are with me spend any spend money they have on toys or treats.  It keeps them well behaved till we get to the toy section and makes them get dressed and ready for the trip much faster.

Today, Camden bought a shotgun.  To say he was excited about his purchase would be a grievous understatement for sure.  He has been watching me slay zombies in Left 4 Dead 2 and monsters in Silent Hill Downpour a lot the past few weeks.  Xbox is a surprisingly easy to do activity with a baby in one's arms.  His favorite weapon is the shotgun and he was very happy to have his own.

So, when I got home, I taught him how to lock and load and sent him to shoot the front door for a while.  Suction darts stick very well there.  Then, while goofing off online, I found these:  http://www.rem870.com/2012/02/14/free-printable-zombie-shooting-targets-2/

Why yes, those are printable zombie targets, Hell yeah!  So I printed them up and Camden waited patiently while I ran them through our laminating machine so the darts would stick to them.

When they were finished being laminated, I hung them on the front door with tape.  

And Camden lined up his shot....

And, on his second shot.....

So, if I'm old and decrepit when the zombies come....I'm going to Cam's house so he can protect me ;)

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