Monday, September 24, 2012

My Date Night Dress

I made a dress to wear on a date night with my husband.  We were celebrating our 14th wedding anniversary.  We had a great night.  First, we dropped the kids off at a local kids night out event.  Then, we went out to a steakhouse for dinner and enjoyed a leisurely meal without worrying that the baby might melt down at any moment ;)  After that, we had massages and strolled around the bookstore for coffee and magazines.  It was a lovely evening and I'm so glad we made the time for it.

Here's what I wore, remember, I'm in Texas so it's a balmy 90 degrees in the evenings here right now ;)



It's This pattern.  I was super impressed with Lekala.  I got my extremely reasonably priced patterns in no time.  When I had an issue downloading the sewing instructions, I received a speedy response and copies of the instructions were emailed to me.  I have a 34H bust so dresses involve crazy amounts of alterations to commercial patterns.  With Lekala, I just included the measurements they asked for and the dress fit perfectly with no alterations :)

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