Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy Halloween

Our Halloween was just lovely :)  The weekend before, we went to a pumpkin patch and had a ton of fun racing rubber ducks, going through mazes, choosing pumpkins and making a pandified scarecrow.

They even had a little craft area where kids could decorate a free teeny pumpkin.  Here's Gabi's

Then, we carved the pumpkins we brought home.  Gabi wanted Hello Kitty:
 Camden wanted the ice bird from Angry Birds Space

Ellie's only request was that her pumpkin be sleepy.
 Ellie made an awesome footprint ghost plate at her preschool which was really fun to receive.

On Halloween, we all wore costumes, I didn't wear mine for long though ;)  Hubby was Mario since Ellie wanted to be Peach.



These store bought costumes were a mess after one day of wear, but that's okay since we don't dress like video game characters most of the time anyhow ;)

Camden chose Pac Man for his costume, I made him a 2D pacman and he asked Tyler to be a baby red ghost.


pacman and red ghost2

pacman and red ghost1

Gabi asked to be Knuffle Bunny from her favorite book by Mo Willems, it was a complicated one to make, but she loved it.


see how excited she was???


And, when the hat got too heavy......this happened....

The kids wanted me to dress up so I put together a Jill Valentine from Resident Evil costume.  For reference, this is her:

And here is my version.....totally forgot to put my gloves on for the pics :(


Aparently, dorky is all I achieve when I try for a "serious" or "cool" face in pics ;)



I wore this for all of three seconds before deciding it was horrifically uncomfy and switching to regular clothes to shlep the kids from house to house.  It was my 36th birthday this Halloween and I honestly had so much fun :)  

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