Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Curious Incident of the Broken Bone

This is my youngest daughter:

Doesn't she look innocent???

Usually, she looks more like this:

She is my fastest, wildest, most often bleeding child of all. She leaps from tall objects and falls on her face more often than is wise. She is a truck. When she falls down and bleeds from both knees and both elbows, she gets back up without a tear and runs off before even accepting a hug and kiss. It's just how she rolls.

So, it comes as no surprise, that she fell off her sister's bed, landed on her brother's head, and broke her arm. Here's how it went down....

1. I heard the thump of a falling child
2. Said child started crying so I met her in the hallway to see what happened
3. She repeatedly tells me her arm hurts and wants me to hold her (this isn't like her at all)
4. While waiting for her Daddy to get home, she climbs and runs and does pushups on her arm but, every once in a while stops and grabs it and whimpers
5. I decide to take her to the ER despite the fact that she is chipper and active
6. The doctor watches her use her arm like a lunatic but decides to still x-ray it since I'm worried
7. Doctor returns and says "you weren't kidding about her high pain tolerance". A splint is ordered.
8. Arm gets splinted, we get some Motrin, she goes to bed.
9. An appointment is made for tomorrow when she can get a real cast.

In the meantime, she keeps using her splinted arm to climb and catch herself when she falls. I made her a sling since the doctor said don't let her bend or dent the splint.

The first try was a bit too small and she kept sneaking out of it

So, I made another one from Heather Ross West End:

So far, it's much better, but, short of super glue, I don't think anything will keep her little arm still ;)

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honeyguide said...

I think she is a natural for roller derby. :)

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