Monday, April 16, 2012

A New, to me, Dress

I am lusting after shirtdresses right now. There is just something super cute and practical about a little summer dress I can throw on over my volleyball shorts and feel girly, but covered, in. I am not, however, spending much on clothes right now. I've had back pain and discomfort for years from my breasts being oversized for my frame, and I am hopeful that I will have a reduction in 2012, which will make me need new clothes then.

So, when I saw a cute shirtdress for $4.99 at Savers I bought it. Sure, it was a small, and I'm not a small in dresses, but it was a good deal, the two year old was about to have a conniption and I needed to roll out of there. So, I added a 3" racing stripe from some old dress fabric to the sides and....voila

No time to fix my hair for the pics, but the dress is still cute ;)

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