Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mama's Got a Brand New Bag

I needed a new diaper bag.  I was having a hard time deciding on a pattern though, until Heather, of Fiberosity came for a visit and brought her Anna Maria Horner Multi Tasker Tote with her.  I knew right away that it was the perfect tote to shlep my kids' stuff around in.  The next step was fabric.  I had just been into Remnants the other day and knew that Jessica had just gotten in Valori Wells' Karavan line of fabrics.  Although the white fabric with rainbow elephants enticed me the most, I went with the pink elephants for the main portion of the bag.  I think the pink will show less dirt than snow white will over time ;)

The bag came together super cute:

I decided to make a few little accessories to match

I'm super pleased with it and have been toting it all over town!

Here is a peek at a current work in progress:

it's a circle of geese block by piece by number in 

And some silliness from this morning...

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