Monday, April 23, 2012

a little sling pattern

I'm attaching a link to the pattern for the slings I made for Ellie.  These are perfectly sized for her at almost 3 years old.  Be sure and hold the printed pattern up to your child's arm and adjust the size of the sling as needed before buying your supplies.  If you increase the size of the sling, you will need more fabric, webbing, and binding accordingly.  The Orthopedic Surgeon said that bigger is better for slings so make sure your child's arm will fit comfortably completely within the pouch.  There is no need to have their fingers poking out when they aren't using them.

simple little sling

Ellie's new cast, it has velcro to remove it for bathtime :)

Happy in her new Dora Sling

In her original splint and sling zonked out on the sofa

Thanks for reading, hope this helps someone who needs a sling for their little one :)

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kathy said...

I absolutely love the thought of this cute sling for childen. However, (and Thank Heavens!)my children never broke anything -- on their bodies - at least. There was the Tiffany lamp. . .
Thanks for sharing. I hope your little one keeps that high energy safer.

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